Spanish classes

Gise offers an individual, customized approach, based on your level

Spanish classes program is designed for those who want to effectively and actively learn Spanish with the help of a native speaker.
If you are a beginner, Gise plans lessons to include simple words and phrases, enough to have short dialogues, engage in a small talk, to pay taxi or at a restaurant. Many topics and life events, such as going to a bank or dealing with a landlord will be covered here.
In the process of taking classes you will find it easier to understand some Spanish words and express yourself in daily routine. You will be able to order food, go to a restaurant, make an appointment, open a bank account, go to a doctor, buy tickets, ask for directions, take a bus or call a taxi, etc

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If you are at an intermediate level, we will deepen our conversation and include grammar and idioms. Here, you will have a clearer understanding of verbs and tenses. It will allow you to have extended conversations and be more precise in expressing yourself.We will practice grammar exercises and make sure you can create your own sentences correctly.

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If you surpassed intermediate level but still not feeling fluent in Spanish, it is essential not to give it up and go beyond textbooks and exercises. We will talk and have conversations on various topics while adding new words and monitoring your grammar. We will practice your pronunciation and make Spanish a part of your life by integrating it in your daily activities. At this moment you will be able to listen to podcasts, have longer and more meaningful conversations.

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