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Will I be given homework?


 I will give homework to reinforce what’s being taught and improve your vocabulary as well. We will revise it and make sure you are on the right track!

Will I be the only student in my class? What if my brother, sister wants to join me?

I offer one-to-one private tutoring to all of my students. However, if you wish to have company, like your relative or a friend, I will be more than happy to teach you both!

I liked your lessons a lot and feel that my Spanish started to improve much faster than before, I wonder if  I can buy more lessons at a time?

Please email me and let me know how many lessons you would like to buy. I also can give you a discount based on the amount of lessons you take.

I have irregular work hours and need to reschedule my lessons 

I will be more than happy to reschedule your lessons and move them  to another open spot in my calendar. But, please, be respectful and mindful of my time, and if you can, let me know 24 hours in advance before your lesson starts. 

Do I need to know any Spanish before taking lessons with you?

I offer lessons to students of all levels. No need to worry! No previous knowledge is required.

Do I get learning materials?

Yes! I will provide all materials you need to help you succeed in learning new language!

Logo FUnspanish.net