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Boost your  Spanish with the help of a native tutor. Lessons  are tailored to your level, needs, and interests. My methodology has helped many students to achieve their goals and have earned me a reputation of a trusted and competent educator.

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Hi, my name is Gise. I have been teaching Spanish for the last 7 years. Apart from being a native speaker, I hold a degree in Spanish Education and have given private lessons online and in person to students from all over the world.  I enjoy meeting with different people and always find it interesting to learn about other cultures and lifestyles.

Since I was born in Central Mexico, I speak with a neutral accent and  follow a communicative teaching approach , encouraging my students to interact in real life situations and improvise on the fly. I create a bond with my students and promote confidence, so they are not afraid of making mistakes and brainstorm new ideas and thoughts. Creating stress free environment allows my students to be more positive and happier, which improves their productivity and as a result, communication. I can’t wait to get started

Why it is so important to learn a second language?

  • You’ve always dreamed of visiting Spain, Mexico, Argentina or other Latin American countries 

  • You want to improve it because its a university requirement and it seems like an easy second language to learn

  • You want to make more friends but have a language barrier

  • You hear it everywhere but don’t understand what people are talking about 

  • You will have better job opportunities once you start to understand and speak “poco a poco”

  • And, you have a passion for learning Spanish language and have a sharp mind

  • In this article you can find 10 Facts about the Spanish language.

  • Also,  a great article published by Etoninstitute called Top 10 benefits of learning a foreign language

  • recent research from American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language talks about cognitive benefits and academic achievement in student life. 

  •   Learning Spanish online is great option for people who don’t want to  waste their time  driving and being tied down  to a  fixed classroom schedule. In a traditional classroom setting  we cannot be flexible and have to adjust to someone else, while studying Spanish Online  gives us much more flexibility and freedom.
  •   Students in a classroom do not get the personalized attention they need and spend their time and money not as productive as they could with a private tutor . In groups of 6 or more people it’s almost impossible to learn efficiently because nobody has enough time to talk, therefore, no time to practice a language. 
  • Taking Spanish Lessons Online with FUNSPANISH is a convenient way to reach your language goals, get personalized attention and all time you need with a native Spanish teacher without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Here I will guide you through this wonderful journey of learning foreign language and help you to discover how amazing and easy this can be. Lets talk Spanish! 


Spanish alphabet from A to N, enjoy!

Spanish alphabet from Ñ to Z, enjoy!

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Apart from Spanish lessons online, Gise offers in home, one-on-one private tutoring in Houston and Houston area: Humble, Atascocita, Porter and Kingwood.
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